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About Sue


I am a licensed and fully insured acupuncturist and a member of The British Acupuncture Association.

I first became interested in Chinese Medicine in the 90s when I was looking at several healing systems.  It really fascinated me how you could insert fine needles into the body and it could facilitate a healing process.  

Many people find acupuncture very relaxing and as it treats the person holistically incorporating mind, body and spirit and hence great at relieving stress.

Myself and Dr Huang, District Hospital Shanghai
District Hospital Shanghai China

Clinical Experience in China

Since qualifying at the University of Westminster, to supplement my knowledge I have taken further study in pulse and tongue diagnosis.

I went on a post-graduate study trip to Shanghai, China. I worked in a district hospital alongside a Dr Huang.  It was very interesting to see Traditional Chinese Medicine practised in China as mainstream medicine.  The doctors are qualified in western and traditional chinese medicine and it was great to see acupuncture fully integrated into their healthcare system.

Patients would register and then attend a clinic. They would have a consultation, would be sent to the dispensary for their herbs, then they would come back to have cupping, electro-acupuncture and moxibustion if required.  Other patients would turn up with fresh ginger if they required moxa as holes would be put into the ginger and cones of moxa put on the top.

As well as practising acupuncture in a district hospital alongside Dr Huang, I observed consultants treating patients in specialist clinics for gynaecology (women's health); musculoskeletal problems (e.g. neck and back pain and tennis elbow); stroke. I was able to observe a western medical operation where the patient was partly anaesthetised using acupuncture.

Herbs on display in Shanghai China

Women's Health

I am particularly interested in women's health.

I have recently undertaken further postgraduate study with Debra Betts. She specialises in pregnancy and has trained many midwives in New Zealand.

She has produced an easy to understand Acupressure Booklet for women in pregnancy and labour.  I also am looking to run courses teaching couples these acupressure points in labour.  It is an excellent way for the man to be involved and will give them a chance to help their partners deal with the pain and help with the transition from stage one to stage two in labour.  If you are interested in learning these points then please do get in touch.

End of Life Care

Once a week I volunteer my time at St. Joseph's Hospice treating patients patients with life limiting conditions. These include cancer; multiple sclerosis; immune, neurological and degenerative disorders; musculoskeletal and digestive disorders; post traumatic stress; depression and stroke. 

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